Prep Week 8

Hello Students & Welcome to Week 8

Hope you enjoyed last week’s activities & you’ve been either walking the dog or riding your bike with your family, throwing the frisbee, playing kick to kick or throw to throw….or all of these activities.

Let’s Move It!

Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day. This is backed up by advice from the Heart Foundation, Betterhealth, the Australian Medical Association and more.

Show this clip to your parents- 

Here are 5 different fun ideas for you to get active while you’re at home, they are similar to the ones that you did last week.

  1. Cricket – Aus Style
  • You can do this in the backyard, at the beach or at the park
  • If you’re in Oz and you’ve got a bat, a ball and some family members, you’ve got yourself a cricket game 🙂
  • For a bigger cardio hit, play continuous cricket. The batter must run after every hit and the bowler can bowl at any time

Step it up:

  • Try some cricket skills – overarm bowling
  • Have two overs each and see who scores the most runs
  • Bat and bowl with your opposite hand

Tips and Tricks

Pick a nice open area without roads and buildings within range.

Just getting started? Bowl underarm. Make the pitch shorter.

Don’t have a bat? Try making one up from cardboard and newspaper.

  1. Hill Runs
  • Find a hill, then basically walk or run up and down it. Race someone in your family or even your dog 🙂
  • Start walking and build up to a run. Or run down, walk up, then walk down and run up and then, you’ve guessed it, run both ways
  • Gradually build up the time you spend running until you find your 30 or more!

Step it up:

  • Try a longer hill
  • Try a steeper hill
  • Lunge up the hill
  • Run or walk to the hill, then up and down the hill
  • Add the hill run to your weekly schedule
  • Change a hill for stairs/steps

Tips and Tricks

Gradually increase the number of times you run/walk up the hill.

Just getting started? Choose a short hill or one that isn’t very steep.

  1. It’s hip to be square – Family four square
  • This one’s really easy to set up. All you need is a driveway, a piece of chalk and a tennis ball or a bouncy ball
  • Challenge your family to a game of old school ‘four square’
  • Have a look here to see how to play this

Step it up:

  • Use a smaller ball or bigger ‘squares’.

Tips and Tricks

If there’s only two of you, play on two squares each.

Just getting started? Use a bigger, bouncier ball.

  1. Passing Time – Rugby pass to pass
  • How easy is this? Just throw a rugby ball to your family, they catch it and throw it back
  • If you want to get fancy, experiment with different passes (like clapping before receiving each pass and doing a 360 spin after passing). You can also speed it up and keep it up for 30 minutes
  • How many passes can you make without dropping the ball? How many passes can you make in a minute? Can you beat your best?

Step it up:

  • Pass the ball over longer distances, harder and faster
  • Alternate between both sides of your body
  • Each time you successfully catch the ball, take a step back
  • See how high you can throw the ball

Tips and Tricks

Get creative and try different ways of passing. Set up different passing formations – form a line, a circle and zig-zag.

Just getting started? Pass the ball over short distances.

No Rugby ball? Just use any other ball.

  1. Hoop La – 2 on 2 family basketball
  • Pick sides, set a 30 minute timer and play a game of 2-on-2 basketball
  • If you don’t have a hoop at home, get creative, choose a different target or make a new ring or goal

Step it up:

  • Go for a 3 pointer!
  • Play 1-on-1 for a bigger cardio hit

Tips and Tricks

Make up and agree on your own rules for the game. Pick teams of similar abilities.

Just getting started? Play the game while walking.

Have Fun!!!  

Keep Smiling! 🙂

Ms. Muir and Mr. Cremona