Year 2 Week 3

Hi Students,

How did you stay active last week?

What was your favourite exercise?


This week, you are going to focus on your Footy skills. Why not do these in your Footy colours?! If you like you can even send us a photo of you practising your skills. Remember, aim to be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day!


Year 2 – Kicking & Handball

  • For your kicking, watch this video first 
  • For handballing, watch this video first 
  • Grab your footy and select a good spot where you can practice your kicking and handballing in your backyard (check with Mum or Dad). If you don’t have a footy, use another ball, or you can try and make your own out of old newspapers and tape
  • Do some jogging on the spot for a few minutes and a few exercises from week1 to warm-up
  • Practice your kicking as shown in the video. First work on your preferred leg, but don’t forget to work on your other leg too. You can try kicking to self, to a family member, or through a goal
  • Practice your handballing as shown in the video. It’s very important that you handball with your right and left hand. Start with handballing to self, then progress to handballing to a family member. If you are practising by yourself, then you can handball to a brick wall outside, so you can then catch the ball once it bounces off the wall
  • Finish with some more exercises from week 1 or 2


Keep Smiling!

Mr. Cremona & Ms. Muir