Year 3 Week 2

Hi Students,

I hope you’ve been staying active! 🙂

Did you have a go at last week’s fitness exercises? Don’t forget that you can share with your family and try them out together.

Keeping active throughout these times at home is extremely important, especially with so many after school activities cancelled. You need to get off that couch! 🙂 

So, here is what we would like you to do this week. Remember, you should be aiming to be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day.


Work through the list of activities below and tick each off as you complete them:

□    Walk/run 50 or 100 steps

□    Throw a ball at a wall and catch it 20 times (use a ball or scrunched up newspaper)

□    Keep a balloon or scrunched up paper ball in the air for 10 hits in a row

□    Animal walks – walk into all rooms of your house using your favourite animal walk (eg: bear crawl, kangaroo jump, or worm)

□    20 star jumps

□    Run on the spot for one minute

□    Throw and catch a scarf into the air 30 times – try using different hands

□    Complete 100 skips

□    Create a hopscotch pattern with chalk, tape, socks or ribbons and complete it

□    Stand on one foot and throw a ball, soft toy or scrunched up paper ball from one hand to the other

□    Play your favourite song and dance

□    Make an obstacle course with things in your home – you have to go over, under and around!

□    Set up a goal and try to get 20 kicks in

□    Set up some toys or bottles as targets and roll a ball to knock them over. If you knock a target over, step back to make it more challenging

□    Make a target on an outdoor wall to throw at with chalk, paper or tape. Try to hit the target 10 times. Move further back to make it more challenging

□    Use a hula hoop, if you have one, and try to keep it up as long as possible!

□   Read a storybook with an often repeated word – if the word is mentioned in the story, you need to do an activity (eg: 5 star jumps)


You can also make up and write your own! 






Keep Smiling!

Mr. Cremona & Ms. Muir