As some of you may know, I will be away for a couple of weeks starting Friday 20 May soaking up the sun in Positano, Nice and Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix – a trip that has been delayed twice due to covid.

During my leave, purchasing will be suspended.

To avoid any delays, if you have anything that needs to be purchased, ordered or a purchase order created for an in/excursion (buses, entrance fees etc) please send it through eschools BEFORE Wednesday of next week.

Any orders received from Wednesday onwards will not be actioned until my return on Friday 03 June.

If you have any questions, please ask


star picket tops

Good morning,

Can I ask for any staff doing yard duty in the area of the big playground if you could please keep a eye on the students playing in and around the trees with the star pickets around them. I found three of the plastic caps in the middle of Lancefield Drive and other places around the school grounds. They are on the star pickets for their protection because the pickets can be very sharp. Thank you for your help.


Mothers Day stall schedule

Julie from the PFC has sent through the following schedule

9:30 Year 6
9:45 Year 5
10:00 Prep
10:15 Year 1
10:30 Year 2
10:45 Year 3
11:00 Year 4

If these times do not suit you, please see the ladies in the MACPAC and they will work out an option for you.

Some students will receive a voucher as payment has been made online. These vouchers will be handed to the teacher prior to students visiting the stall (based on the above times)

Mothers Day morning tea and stall

The Mothers Day morning tea will run from 7:30am on Thursday morning.
We have already had a great response with over 230 Mothers RSVPing since Friday. It would be great to have staff there to celebrate the SGP Mums. Please come over to the van near the MACPAC on arrival so you can enjoy a coffee and chat.

Note: The van is usually busiest from 8:15-8:45 so if you want a cuppa, arrive before this time so you don’t have to wait too long.

We’re waiting on the Mothers Day Stall roster from the PFC – I will post it once it comes in.


mmmm Pastizzi! – St George Preca Feast Day 2022

In celebration of our namesake St George Preca, the Parents & Friends Committee (PFC) will be hosting a special lunch in his honour on

Monday the 9th of May.

St George Preca is Maltese so we have chosen a delicious Maltese pastry, PASTIZZI!

Pastizzi’s are $4 each.

Choose from the following pastizzi flavours:

1. Ricotta
2. Ricotta and Spinach
3. Pea
4. Pizza

Drinks are also available, options are
1. Fruit Drink  $1.50
2. Chocolate Milk  $2
3. Strawberry Milk  $2

Orders will need to be placed using CDF Pay by 3pm on Tuesday the 3rd May.
Staff can create a CDFpay account if they don’t already have one. Just select STAFF LOGIN enter your email address and it will prompt you to select a password to register.

Given orders will be baked offsite, unfortunately any late orders can not be accepted and will not be accommodated.

We look forward to this upcoming celebration. Happy Feast Day!


Term 2 Update – COVID Safe Measures for Schools


Dear Families,
We hope that you all had a blessed Easter and restful break. As we prepare for our students to return to school tomorrow, there have been further changes to COVID Safe measures for schools and important updates for families to be aware of.

Dropping off and picking up your children.
Drop off and pick up of students will remain the same as what it has been previously. Parents and carers are able to enter the school grounds to drop off and pick up children but are not to enter the school buildings. Teachers will be available to greet and chat after school outside the classroom.

Face masks
From 11.59 pm Friday 22 April, face masks, while recommended, are not required in any school setting. This means students in Year 3 to 6, staff and visitors in primary schools are no longer required to wear face masks. Any student or staff member who wishes to wear a mask may do so, including those who are medically at-risk.

Screening requirements
Students who have tested positive for COVID-19, and have completed their 7-day isolation period, now do not need to undertake rapid antigen test (RAT) screening for 12 weeks after their release from isolation.

Household contacts
Students who are household contacts of a COVID-19 case are no longer required to quarantine. They can return to school as long as they undertake rapid antigen tests (RAT) 5 times within their 7-day period. If they are aged 8 and above they are required to wear a face mask indoors. The only exception to this is if they have a valid medical exemption.
If any household contact returns a positive RAT result during this period, they must isolate for 7 days and not attend school.

Vaccination requirements for visitors to schools
Parents, carers and other adult visitors (not performing work) are no longer required to show evidence of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.
Those who are performing work at the school (including volunteering), will be required to show evidence of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

RAT screening program extension reminder
The supply of RATs will continue for the first 4 weeks of this term. These will be sent home with your child. The screening recommendations remain the same. It is recommended to test at home twice a week.

As we approach Winter and the flu season, the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 and booster shots for students over 16 years old remain the best way to ensure protection for students and staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.
Thank you.
Ms Aggi Parisi
Acting Principal