Harmony Day

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Harmony Day. Children and staff are encouraged to wear orange for a gold coin donation to Project Compassion. I hope the day goes well and the children enjoy the activities! There will be a Lenten Liturgy in the afternoon. Please head out at 2:45 for a 2:50pm start. 

Also, Father Richard will be visiting the seniors in their playtime at 12:45 to mingle and chat and get to know the children.  Please encourage them to say hello (offer to join in a game??) and should they have any questions for him, they are welcome to ask! 

Thanks, Alessia and Reggie 


Fresh Basil


I have 6 basil plants for sale at $4 each, they are in the ground and not in pots so if you would like one I will dig it up and cut the roots off for you (unfortunately they are too big to transplant) to clean it up. So you don’t waste it you can dry it by hanging it up in a cool dry place, oven dry it or even carefully in the microwave. You can also freeze it by laying the leaves on baking paper in the freezer and after about 30minutes or so, put them into an airtight freezer bag. Having said that our favourite thing for basil is Pesto. Here is one recipe to get you started –

2 cups lightly packed basil leaves

2 small cloves of garlic

¼ cup (40g) pine nuts toasted

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese

1/3 cup olive oil

Step 1 – place basil, garlic, pine nuts and parmesan in a food processor until mixture is finely chopped

Step 2 –  with the motor running, gradually add the oil in a thin stream until well combined, season.

Step 3 – place in an airtight container, cover with a little oil (stops the pesto turning black)

Pesto will last in the fridge for a week or two or put the pesto in ice cube trays and freeze and it will last for ages.


If anyone would to buy one just email or message me and I will organise to one to you.


















Gate automation

Hi Everyone,

The gates are getting closer to being automated.

Unfortunately we’re still waiting on a couple more steps that have held it up.

Once they’re all set up, you will be able to open and close the gates using the Palgate app – they will appear in the same screen as the sliding and boom gates.
In the meantime, the gates are now operated using the motor so cannot be accessed using your key. Please do not try to force them open as you may cause damage.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, we’ll advise as soon as they are loaded onto the Palgate app and ready to use.

There is a remote in the office for the internal gate between admin and first aid. The Macpac gate has a small pedestrian gate next to it so before and after school care will use that for now.
The front gate (directly opposite the admin office) will not be in use until the landscaping is done.


Whereby Room Links

As per Aggie’s email re Parent Teacher Interviews, families will be offered the option of a face-to-face interview or an online interview. We will be using ‘Whereby’ as the meeting room link but I will need a copy of your room link please. If you can paste it into the form below as soon as possible, it would be appreciated.

For new staff who have not got a ‘Whereby’ room link, please make your account using your School Google Credentials by following this link – WHEREBY Meeting Rooms    (Please follow the step by step guide in this video to create your account)


House Colours

Good morning,

We’ve had a number of parents come to the office saying the teacher has sent them, asking for students house colours.

Just a reminder this information is available to you on the ***2023 staff drive

7. Staff Administration / Student Permission Forms

2023 Student HOUSE GROUPS


Admin Team

Hot Cross Bun Morning Tea – 24 March

St George Preca Primary School Hot Cross Bun Morning Tea

To celebrate Easter the Parents & Friends committee will be running a hot cross bun morning tea for the students and teachers of St George Preca.

Date:              Friday 24th March

Cost:             $2 per Hot Cross Bun

Options available:     Fruit, Fruitless & Chocolate

Drinks can also be purchased $2 for Strawberry or Chocolate milk, $1.50 for a juice box.

Staff can place an order online through CDFPay before the end of school Monday 20th March

Naplan Testing and Student Chromebooks

Locked Down Browser Sessions for NAPLAN

Could you please make sure that ALL Chromebooks in Year 3 and Year 5 have been fully charged today and then

1. Logged out 


2. Shut down

in readiness for the Locked Down Browser for NAPLAN testing beginning tomorrow.  During the testing times, there will be no access to student Chromebooks. This is to ensure that students participating in Naplan have all the resources of our internet connection and speed available to them during the testing times.

For Years 4 and Year 6, please ensure that students have logged out and shutdown at the end of today in order to avoid any issues with the locked down browser being pushed out. Providing they have done this, there should be no issues for them when they re-boot the machine after the testing windows.