Remote Learning is FINALLY over!

No more Remote Learning!

What a time it has been, but I definitely could have not done it without the hard work of all 1T students and the incredible parents and guardians helping.

I cannot explain my excitement of going back to school and seeing all the beautiful smiley faces.

A few things I will mention for when we go back to school

  • Please bring handwriting books back
  • Don’t forget hats if they are at home (there are some at school still)
  • If you have any books that are empty or half empty bring them back
  • Books that are full please keep them at home
  • Please try and keep toys at home

Again a HUGE thank you to everyone, I hope I get to see you and give you a wave from a distance.

Now you’ll get to “relax” just a little and I guarantee that my ears will fall off the first day!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns

Annabelle Toro




End of Term 3!


We have made it to the end of Term 3!

You have all done an amazing job and worked so hard.

I hope you have had as much fun as I have even though it was definitely hard at times.

To those who helped all the superstars at home I cannot thank you enough.

We have had a tough term but…


Have a very well deserved holiday

and I will see you all when we get back for Term 4


From Miss Toro and all the 1T Llamas.


Hi year 1s,

This Friday is our last FUN FRIDAY for term 3 and we are all so proud of you and the amazing work that you have been able to do from home.
To celebrate, we are having a dress up day!
You can come dressed up in a costume of your choice!
It could be anything from a karate kid to a netball player, from Sheriff Woody to Spiderman, a dancer to a doctor, A princess to a Clown.
It’s up to you!

Come and dress up on Friday and celebrate our term.

– Year 1 Team

Change in teacher Reading Groups

Hello Grade 1’s

A quick message that I will need to change the days of reading groups for the


I am swapping your teacher reading groups


Jonah Attard

Gianna Choi

Malak Jahola


Flynn Bellino

Candice Hua

Yashmitha Nainappan

Niko Razov

Willow Kalwig 

A message from Mrs Velardi

Hello year 1’s

Its Mrs Velardi here I’m missing you all and can’t wait to see you again real soon!

Just to let you know I’ve placed lots of fun, cool Kitchen Science activities for you to complete at home with your families.  At some stage next week i’d really like it if you can complete some of the activities and share them with me!

Have a look and above all have lots of fun!


Mrs Velardi. 🙂

Jam Board

Hi everyone

Starting next week, we will be using a new program within our lessons.

If you are using an ipad, you will have to download the app “jamboard” its part of the google suite and is an interactive whiteboard where we can make lessons interactive and work is submitted straight to us by the kids.

We will be using this for some activities throughout the week

If you are using a laptop the website is

When we share a link with you it will open up in the app if you have downloaded or on the website if you’re on a laptop

You will have to be logged in on the kids google account for this to work for us

Once you have downloaded it, click on this link, have a play and add a sticky note with your name


Welcome Back!

Hello students and families!

Here we are again, but this time we might all feel more organised. 

Some things have changed this time around, and it is important that you do read this.

  • Everyday all students are expected to be online at 9am in their uniform for roll call, check in and a fun chat with your teacher.

Remember to set your learning space up and be ready for learning just like you’d be ready for school. Breakfast, make your bed, get dressed, brush your teeth and log on at 9am with pencils, books, water and your device. Once logged on, Kiss Mum or Dad goodbye and we’ll start our learning.

The timetable lets you know what we will do during our day!

The outline of the day will be explained by the teacher daily in the morning and then students follow the timetable to complete their learning which is all found on the blog.

You have already been supplied with the resources you will need and if any others are required we will endeavour for it to be found easily in the home. For example, if you need dice you can find an online dice generator by google searching. If you need counters you could use lego, pasta, pieces of paper.

Learning time on Google Meets

After the mornings google meets, there will be reading groups and timetabled students will stay online with the teacher while others can begin their work.

After reading groups, follow the timetable for activities and times. Log back in at 11.30 for any maths questions you might have and again at 12.15 for check ins and goodbyes for the day.

I will be online and accessible through the google meet, just log back in after reading groups at 10.00 for any assistance.

Your student’s reading time will be the same each week and the expectation is that they are online and ready for reading. These reading times are like a guided reading session at school and are aimed at supporting students at their individual reading and comprehension skills. The activities created by teachers for your students are to be done. On the kids timetable it will say which group they are in and that timetable will also be uploaded on the Blog in their reading groups.

Your reading group is listed on your timetable as well as in the timetable

Google Meets

The google meet code is: misstoro

Please click on the link or cut and paste it into a new browser or open up the google meet app. Please do not enter the meeting until the specified time of 9am. If there are any technical issues you can complete the IT Parent Support request.

For other queries and concerns

Contact me on and I will respond within 24 hrs.

Please keep in mind that the google meet will be open from 9-12.30 daily and any questions or noise can be heard by those signed in on the meet.


5 new books will be uploaded weekly.

Re-reading these books and getting to know the story and questions is a great way to become better readers. Reading any books you have available is fantastic and we would love your support in this to keep students reading and progressing in their learning.

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces and thank you in advance for your support while we all learn together in what is a new and different situation for everyone. 

Annabelle Toro 



Week 3 Monday Message

Week 3 and we are in our new learning space just for my special Year 1T students! Seeing all your beautiful and hard work is AMAZING. Keep up the great work!

It has been wonderful speaking to all of you and hearing all the feedback, positive and your concerns. Thank you for keeping up with all the changes that are occurring and being understanding.

Our daily timetables and weekly videos will be posted onto this Blog.    Email me if you have any other questions.

Again for students attendance

  1. Go into St George Preca app
  2. Press More
  3. School Forms
  4. Year 1 Remote Learning Student Attendance