October 4, 2020

Welcome back to Term 4!

Hello Parents,

I hope this finds you well and feeling refreshed after the break.

Just a few things…

  • This Tuesday I will be in at school all day preparing for the return of the children the following week so there will be NO small group Google Meets for that day.
  • I will however be expecting to see all students online at 9am on Tuesday for roll call, prayer and a few notices for the day.
  • This is NOT a day off. The children will still be expected to complete all tasks for the day from the Year 2 blog like usual, but I will explain this to them when I see them online at 9am.
  • Carla will see all the children at 9am tomorrow and she will explain Tuesday to the children.

Last week of remote learning!

I can’t wait to see all the children’s beautiful smiling faces on Tuesday 13th October. So excited!

I also look forward to seeing you all again at some stage, even if it is just a wave from a distance.

Thankyou once again for all your amazing support during these different and sometimes challenging times.

Take care


September 17, 2020

Crazy Hair Day!

Hi Parents,

I have let the children know today that we are having Crazy Hair Day tomorrow (Friday)….a bit of fun to end what has been a crazy term! They can style/colour (with your permission!) their hair however they wish…the crazier the better!

An alternative is to wear a crazy hat.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our last day.

Kind regards


September 8, 2020


Dear Parents,

It was really lovely to be back with the children last week. I did miss them so!

I just wanted to draw your attention to the timetable tab on this blog. I have updated it with a few little changes and also you will notice there is now an odd week and an even week timetable to reflect specialist subjects. Fingers crossed, we won’t need to use them for too much longer!

Thank you for your ongoing support. Holidays are nearly here!

Take care and stay safe.


August 6, 2020

Gratitude Diary

Dear Parents,

Starting next week, we are going to have the children start a gratitude diary.

It is very easy to get caught up in the sadness and frustration of all the things we can’t do at the moment, but by shifting our mindset and focusing on the things that we can do and are very thankful for, it really does wonders for mood and resilience.

We would actually like to encourage you and your whole family to get involved with sharing things that you are all grateful for, for example at the dinner table at night, or you might make it part of a bedtime conversation. You might like to consider having a family gratitude diary that in months and years to come you can reflect back on.

If possible, we need all the children to have a separate notebook/blank diary where they will do their writing each day. We’ve also made the suggestion of making their own book to write in if they like. They can do a title page that says ‘Gratitude Diary’ and then each day they put in the date and write one or more sentences about something they are thankful for. We are going to be doing this as a class each morning, but we are also happy for the children to write in it at other times.

If they could have their notebook ready to go by next Tuesday morning that would be great.

Thank again for your support.

Julia and Carla


August 5, 2020

A bit of Friday fun!

Hi  Parents,

I just wanted to let you know that this Friday we are going to have a bit of fun…in our pyjamas! All the children can turn up to school in the morning in their Pj’s! They can also bring along a favourite toy to sit beside them while they work. We will still be doing our normal learning and groups etc, but thought it might be good to do something a bit different!

Thank you for your ongoing support with your children’s learning at home.

Kind regards


July 28, 2020

Unfinished work

Hi Parents,

If your children have some unfinished work from the last couple of days, tomorrow (Wednesday P/T interview day) would be a great time for them to catch up.

Please also remember that they need to be doing Wushka, Wordshark, Studyladder etc every day.

PLEASE do not allow them to jump ahead and complete Thursday’s work because that will then affect our small group work on that day.

See you all tomorrow!

Kind regards


July 27, 2020

Whole Class Google Meets

Good morning Parents,

This week there are only two times throughout the day when I would like ALL the children in a Google meet with me…at 9.00am for Roll call and Prayer, and then again at 12.15pm to say goodbye for the day.

We will do this each day this week (except tomorrow when there is no school due to P/T interviews). I may change this next week but I will see how the children respond for this week…I will keep you posted.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THE CHILDREN TO COME ON BEFORE 12.15pm. I am teaching a Maths small group until then and do not want that session interrupted by other children coming in and out.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards


July 21, 2020


Dear Parents,

It was so lovely to see all the children this morning. I really do miss seeing them at school but the Google Meets are a good second best!

Please note the following:

  • Carla and myself are teaching all morning, everyday,  from 9am until 12.30pm. All the children are allocated to three teaching Google Meets with us throughout the week (1 Reading, 1 Writing and 1 Maths). PLEASE check the timetable to see what days your child is in a GM with one of us.
  • Could I please kindly ask that students and parents are not popping in and out of Google Meets during teaching time (9.30am – 12.30pm) to ask questions or clarify things. Only the children allocated to that time slot should be on with us. If you or your child are unsure of what to do, please look at the time,  see what lesson they should be doing, and refer to the Year 2 Learning blog for the days lessons…Reading 9.30-10.15, Writing 10.15-11.00, Maths 11.30-12.15. Otherwise you can email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Please read the post on our class blog from yesterday titled ‘Blogs and 2ML Timetable’ again. It will clarify what happens during the day/week for your child.

Many thanks

Julia and Carla

July 21, 2020

Reading Group Tab

Hi Parents,

I have added a ‘Reading Groups’ tab to our class blog. This is for the children to access books they are reading during their Google Meets so don’t worry if you do not find anything under your child’s group name. I will be adding and deleting books from each group as needed. I will be informing the children as to when they need access books, so you don’t need to do anything.

Could you please walk your child through how to get onto the Year 2 Learning space, then onto our class blog, then show your child where the Reading Group tab is so they are familiar.



July 20, 2020

Blogs and 2ML Timetable

Dear Parents,

I hope today has gone smoothly for you all. If it hasn’t, don’t worry! If it is an IT issue, go to the support tab on the Year 2 page for assistance, or I am available on email for other questions.

We now have two blogs:

  1. The general Year 2 learning blog that we used last time to post all the children’s tasks for the week, and where you find all the widgets such as Studyladder, Wordshark, High Frequency word lists, Seesaw, Wushka etc. This will not change. You will also find the link to our own class blog…under the heading ‘Year 2 Class Links’ then click on ‘Year 2 ML’  This is on the right hand side where the widgets are…but if you are reading this then I will assume you found it!
  2. Our Year 2ML class blog is where I will share reminders and any other information that is relevant to our class only.

I just wanted to clarify a few things regarding our timetable:

  • If you haven’t  located it on this class blog yet, it is up the top next to the ‘home’ tab.
  • ALL students log in to our Google Meet (code is 2ml) at 9am every morning ready for roll, prayer and any other general things. This will last for approximately 10 minutes, then some children will stay on until 9.25am (I will inform them as to who is staying on.)
  • Small group Google Meets then start for Reading (9.30-10.15am), Writing (10.15-11.00am) and Maths (11.30-12.15pm). Your child has been allocated to one Google Meet (GM) session for each learning area per week. This is the only time your child should be in a GM with Carla or myself apart from 9am roll call or if they have been asked to stay on. Please check our timetable to see when your child’s sessions are.
  • The code for ALL Google Meets is: 2ml  except where your child might be meeting with a different teacher. Codes are on the timetable.
  • When your child is not in a small group Google Meet with Carla or myself, they should be doing the work from the Year 2 learning blog. Go to the tabs up the top and click on the appropriate day and you will find Reading, Writing and Maths tasks, just like last time.
  • Literacy and Maths lessons finish at 12.15pm. At this point we are not doing a whole class GM at 12.15pm to end the formal learning time…I will let you know if this changes.
  • The afternoon is the children’s time to do some Studyladder, Wushka, Wordshark etc, and we encourage all students to participate in specialist subjects. There will be one lesson for each specialist area posted per week, but  you should be able to still access specialist sessions from last time.

I hope this helps.

Well done for making it through Day 1!  You’re all doing a fantastic job with your children and staying on top of everything we are asking of you. Many thanks.

Kind Regards

Julia & Carla