Term 1

Dear Parents

We have come to the end of our first full term in a long time! The students settled down quickly into their normal routine and have enjoyed being with their friends. We look forward to next term and we thank you for your continued support.

In Term 2 PE classes will be as follows:

Monday- 4C and 4D

Wednesday- 4A and 4B

Wishing you all a Happy and Holy Easter. Have a lovely break.

The Year 4 teachers.

Essential Assessments

Dear Parents /Carers, 

At St George Preca, the students in Years 3-6 have access to Essential Assessment.

This assessment platform allows them to work on specific, differentiated areas of the mathematics curriculum to grow their knowledge from their current understanding. It gives students the opportunity to practice mathematical content and skills. 

Students have access to My Numeracy tasks that have been assigned specifically to them based on assessments along with Sunset Maths (Mental Computation) and Jetpack Algebra (Algebraic Thinking). In the classroom we focus on rich problems, investigations and games to develop their numeracy skills. 

Students are able to use Essential Assessment at home and have access to My Numeracy, Sunset Maths and Jetpack Algebra. They are encouraged to use these as part of their home learning. 

All students have login information in their diary as well as  logon information being located under the software tab on this page. The weblinks are easily accessible through the Learning Spaces and the programs will run on any tablet/chromebook or computer.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask your child’s class teacher. 

Kind regards, 

Shanon Cobbin (Year 3-6 Mathematics Curriculum Leader) and Year 3-6 classroom teachers

Reading At Home 

Reading At Home 

The evidence for children who participate in reading at home is astounding; the more reading the children do, the quicker they will develop as readers. We ask you to be an active part of your child’s reading with good home reading habits. The most successful readers have support both at home and at school.

We ask families to establish good reading habits and routines, therefore we ask you to:

  • set aside a dedicated reading time and quiet space in order to promote the importance of reading
  • read a wide variety of texts, e.g. picture storybooks, newspapers, comics and magazines
  • promote reading for enjoyment as well as for learning
  • Record your child’s reading time in their school diaries 

Year Level Recommended Daily Home Reading Times 


Prep and Year 1 Year 2 Year 3  Year 4  Years 5 & 6 
Minimum of  10 minutes  Minimum of  15 minutes  Minimum of  15 minutes Minimum of  20 minutes Minimum of  20 minutes 

Online Reading Program

Sunshine Online

*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Online Reading Program

Sunshine Online

*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Online Reading Program 


*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Online Reading Program 


*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Selected Novels, Library Books, etc

To ensure these good reading routines are maintained, diaries will be taken home daily and returned to school, signed by an adult.

Diaries will be: 

  • Checked by the classroom teacher either on a Friday or Monday to track work habits and learning at home
  • Used to organise their learning, such as casual clothes days, student free days, etc
  • An avenue for further communication between guardian and teacher

Welcome to the new school year

Dear Parents and Carers,

A warm welcome back to the school year of 2022! We are all very pleased to be with the students at school in person. This space will be used to communicate any general messages that apply to the year level. Home group teachers will message through DOJO if a message is specific to their home group. Please ensure you also read the SKOOL LOOP messages that are sent to keep up with all the school news and up and coming events.

Please note at present sports uniform is required on the following days :

4A- Tuesday

4B- Monday

4C- Monday



Year 4 students have been taking home their diaries and as mentioned by the Literacy Leaders in a letter earlier, they need to read daily for at least 20 minutes. We thank you in advance for supporting us and your child in developing not only their reading skills but a love of books. Remember consistency and routine are key to helping your child build positive reading habits. Students have been told by their classroom teacher when to bring in their diaries for checking/ signing by the teacher.

Once students have completed their Essential Assessment, they have the option of practising Maths on My Numeracy/Sunset Maths.

 All the best for this year.

Kind regards,

The Year 4 Team