Term 2 Updates

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 2, it is wonderful to be together again at school with the students. School life and routines are definitely up and running. The Year 2 students are doing a great job at working hard and we look forward to watching them grow and develop. Please see a few reminders below in regards to home reading and we have included some prompting questions you may want to use throughout the year. This term students will bring home 4 books to read over the week on a Monday and then return the books on a Friday, along with their diary.

We are excited to introduce some special additions to the Year 2 community. Each class has their own class pet, which will be part of students’ daily lives and will be able to come home with them too. We hope writing about the class pet and their adventures at home will help students enjoy the writing process even more. Please see the letter inside the writing book for further information. All students will eventually have a turn to take the pet home.

Over the coming weeks, in English, the Year 2 students will be reading and analysing the structure of a narrative and begin writing stories of their own. Show and Tell continues to be an important part of developing students’ oral language, so this will continue each term.

In Maths, we will be working on multiplication, identifying visual representations of groups of objects and using skip counting to find the totals. Students will continue to work on developing their ability to add and subtract using mental computation skills.

In Inquiry, the students will be investigating ‘Our Australian Story’ and how things have changed over time. How family beliefs and traditions differ amongst families. They will learn more about the First Nations People, their culture and the significance behind some of their sacred sites.

In Religion, students will learn about the meaning of Easter and the resurrection, the life of St Catherine of Siena and St George Preca. They will also reflect on the importance of being spirit filled people, who aim to reconcile with others and be living examples of Jesus in their community.

Take care and we looking forward to the term ahead.

The Year 2 Teachers

Useful tips to support HOME READING.

When helping your child read at home, several strategies  may be used to assist in working out unknown words. 

  1. Tell your child to look at the picture. 
  2. Tell your child to look for chunks in the word, such as it in sit, all in small or and and ing in standing. 
  3. Ask your child to get their mouth ready to say the word  by shaping their mouth for the beginning letter. 
  4. Ask your child if the word looks like a word they already know. Does it look like it should? 
  5. Ask your child to go on and read to the end of the  sentence. Often by reading the other words in context,  they will be able to figure out the unknown word. 
  6. If your child says the wrong word while reading, ask questions like: 

Does it make sense? 

Does it sound right? 

Does it look right?


Comprehension Questions for Fiction and Non-Fiction

What is the problem in the story? Tell me about the author’s style.
What prediction can you make about the outcome? Find a simile. Why is it used?
What similar experiences have you had? Could this story have happened in another setting?
What evidence can you use to see if the prediction was correct? Why is the setting important?
What evidence does the author give to tell you about the character? Find the part in the story where the problem is resolved.
What do you think the character will do based on their personality? Judge this text. Tell me why you think this is so?
What connections can you make to other books? What would you say to someone who disagreed with you about that?
How does the character feel? Find evidence in the text. What was the important event in the story?
How did the character’s perspective change as the story unfolded? Why was that event significant in this story?
What might have changed the character’s behaviour? What did the author do to make the book interesting/funny etc?
How did the situation change how the character felt? You may not have had the same experiences as this character, but how can you understand them anyway?
Why did the character make that choice? What things can you infer about this character?
What did the author want you to learn? Using your inference about the character, what do you think the character will do in this situation?
What caused the problem? Why did that happen? How does the author build suspense throughout the story?
How can you tell this book is fiction? (Fantasy) How did the author use symbols or magic in this story?
Why is this illustration included?


What do you already know about this topic? What else would you have included if you were the author?
What new ideas have you learned? What does the illustration mean?
How did what you learned add to your knowledge? Find the facts and opinions.
What connections can you make to other books? Do you agree with the author’s point of view? Why/why not? Support your answer
Have you changed your mind after reading this book? Judge this text. Explain your judgement.
What did the author want you to learn or know? What did the author do to make this text interesting?
What caused the problem? Why did that happen? How would you group or organise the information?
How can you tell this book is non-fiction? How can what you have read in the past help you understand the people and cultures in this text?
What are the different sections in the book? How are they organised for you to easily find out information?
Why did the author organise the book this way? How does this book give you new information?
How well do you think the author used illustrations and graphics? How did this help you as a reader? What kind of books do you like to read? Support your answer with examples of parts of the book.

Copy of class pet information letter.

Dear Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our class pet. It has been a part of our classroom community and will now be a part of your home for the weekend.  I’m sure that she/he would love to visit and experience new things with your family.  

Every weekend he/she will go home with a student in our class and it will be his or her responsibility to take care of her. The pet can participate in all of the things that your child does over the weekend.

Using one or two pages in  ‘Class Pet Weekend Journal”, students write a short summary then illustrate, or photograph what your child and pet did for fun. This is to be no more than two pages long. This journal will be passed along each weekend so that every student has a turn to care and share with her.  Please be aware that this is to be written by the students, NOT parents.

Every Monday, the student who took the pet home will be given the opportunity to share what transpired over the weekend.

Kind regards,

Classroom Teacher

Please remember to return the pet and the journal each Monday.

 Thank you and happy adventures!

Week 11 End of Term 1

Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of term we would like to thank you for your support and are sure you are looking forward to the Easter break. The students have worked really hard and we know they will benefit from some down time.

A few reminders:

Please return any library books by Thursday of this week. Remember to encourage your child to read regularly next term and sign their diaries. The diaries are returned to school each Friday and handed back on the Monday after the weekend. Please ensure you read any SKOOL LOOP or DOJO messages, so that you are up to date with any notices or events coming up during the term.

We look forward to Term 2. We will be studying Australian History. The students will be investigating their own family histories and Australian Indigenous culture, which should be exciting.

Take care and God bless you all.

Happy Easter.

The Year 2 Teachers

P-3 Athletics Carnival Friday 25th March 2022

Good Afternoon Parents,

We hope all is well. A few reminders for Friday’s P-3 Athletics Carnival (on site at school).

Students can come to school with a t-shirt of the colour of their house group (red, blue, green, gold/yellow) sport shorts and runners.

If they don’t have a t-shirt the same as their house colour, they can just wear sport uniform. Please ensure your child has their school hat, drink bottle and lunch box as per usual.

Please see your child’s house colour in the table below.

RED (Marcelle Branigan)
BLUE (Jackie Pappaluca)
GOLD/YELLOW (Terri Malvaso)
GREEN (Liza van den Hengel)
Levi – 2A
Christine – 2A
Zara – 2A
Kate – 2A
Alannah – 2A
Mason W – 2A
Payton – 2B
Billy – 2B
Ellie – 2B
Steffie- 2C
Luka – 2C
Hugo – 2C
Meadow – 2D
Christian – 2D
Caitlyn – 2D
Johanna- 2D






Aliyah – 2A
Malk – 2A
Yar – 2A
Vincent – 2A
Mark – 2A
Alice – 2B
Samuel – 2B
Oliver – 2B
Tessa- 2B
Crystelle – 2B
Arabela – 2B
Sia- 2B
Noah D – 2C
Blake – 2C
Mila – 2C
Perla- 2C
Aleak – 2C
Aderian- 2C
Ethan W – 2C
Adriana A – 2D
Hunter- 2D
Ziva- 2D
Stella- 2D
Ella- 2D
Ryden- 2D


Avery- 2A
Liam – 2A
Sienna- 2A
Bianca – 2A
Shanelle – 2A
Jade – 2A
Mason B – 2B
Jayden – 2B
Jordan – 2B
Alonzo – 2B

Gabriella 2B

Ayan – 2B
Cruz – 2B
Adriana M- 2B
Akshey – 2B
Alyssa- 2C
Rafael- 2C
Karolina- 2C
Kuei – 2C
Awuor – 2C
Adakchin- 2C
Angelina – 2C
Alivia- 2D
Ashton – 2D
Frank- 2D
Prince -2D
Blaze – 2A
Summer – 2A
Annabelle – 2A
Mason Sc – 2A
Mason Sp – 2A
James – 2A
Mika- 2B
Eva – 2B
Anthony- 2B
Alina- 2B
Lily – 2C
Lucas – 2C
Matti – 2C
Noah P – 2C
Braxton – 2C
Abigail – 2C
Laylah – 2D
Michael – 2D
Samreen – 2D
Farai – 2D
Daniellah – 2D
Thea – 2D
Andrea – 2D
Gavin – 2D





Optional: Students can wear matching hairspray colour in their hair, if they want to.

Have a great day,

The Year 2 Team



Reading At Home 

The evidence for children who participate in reading at home is astounding; the more reading the children do, the quicker they will develop as readers. We ask you to be an active part of your child’s reading with good home reading habits. The most successful readers have support both at home and at school.

We ask families to establish good reading habits and routines, therefore we ask you to:

  • set aside a dedicated reading time and quiet space in order to promote the importance of reading
  • read a wide variety of texts, e.g. picture storybooks, newspapers, comics and magazines
  • promote reading for enjoyment as well as for learning
  • Record your child’s reading time in their school diaries 

Year Level Recommended Daily Home Reading Times 


Prep and Year 1 Year 2 Year 3  Year 4  Years 5 & 6 
Minimum of  10 minutes  Minimum of  15 minutes  Minimum of  15 minutes Minimum of  20 minutes Minimum of  20 minutes 
Online Reading Program

Sunshine Online

*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Online Reading Program

Sunshine Online

*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Online Reading Program 


*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Online Reading Program 


*Passwords on Learning Space under software tab

Selected Novels, Library Books, etc

To ensure these good reading routines are maintained, diaries will be taken home daily and returned to school, signed by an adult.

Diaries will be: 

  • Checked by the classroom teacher either on a Friday or Monday to track work habits and learning at home
  • Used to organise their learning, such as casual clothes days, student free days, etc
  • An avenue for further communication between guardian and teacher

Vooks FREE one year subscription offer

VOOKS is a curated digital library of animated books for young children. The company is currently offering free 12 month subscriptions to the program. Anyone wanting to take up the offer is able to click on the image below and follow the prompts. (Please note that the school is not endorsing this product and it is a parent’s choice as to whether or not they activate the offer) 

Welcome to Year 2 2022 Learning Space Blog

Good Morning Parents and Carers,
Welcome to our first Learning Space Blog. We are all very pleased to be with the students at school in person. This space will be used to communicate any general messages that apply to the year level. Home group teachers will message through DOJO if a message is specific to their home group. Please ensure you also read the SKOOL LOOP messages that are sent to keep up with all the school news and up and coming events.

Please note at present sport uniform is required on the following days until further notice:

Today, Wednesday the 16th of February the Year 2 students will be bringing home their diaries (if they haven’t already), an information letter and take home reading book. Please take the time to read the note written by our Literacy Leaders. We thank you in advance for supporting us and your child in developing not only their reading skills but a love of books. Remember consistency and routine are key to helping your child build positive reading habits. Happy reading!

Kind regards,

The Year 2 Team
Jackie Pappaluca(2B)(Level Leader), Marcelle Branigan (2C), Liza van den Hengel(2D), Maria Long & Teresa Malvaso (2A).

Our Classroom Support Staff:
Julie Friggieri, Olga David
Marthese Pisani