End of Week 2

Well done to all the children of Prep B for a wonderful first week back at school! We have had an excellent week back together again, exploring our school grounds, making new friends and getting back into the school routine.

Next week we commence Week 3 of Term 4.

Some end of week messages:

Sport Uniform Days

A reminder that our sport uniform days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nightly Reading

Take home reading books will be ready to send home next week. Thank you to those children that have continued their  Wushka reading.

Hats and Lost Property

In Term 4 children are required to their school hat. During break times children often get very excited about their games and activities and hats or jumpers often get left behind on the school yard. Sometimes children notice after the bell has gone when no teachers are supervising yards so students will be unable to go back to retrieve them. When teachers see these items left, they are often returned to the class quickly if named. If not named, items are sent to lost property.

Handwriting Books

We are still awaiting the return of a handful of handwriting books. Please return these ASAP if your child’s is still at home.

Show and Tell

Please see the Show and Roster of the class blog for your child’s Show and Tell day. It will remain the same each week. As next Friday is a Public Holiday, Friday children can present theirs on Thursday for next week. The topic for Week 3 is our ‘Animal Books’ made during remote learning. I have some children’s books already with me at school.

Next week we are commencing a Maths unit on 2D shapes. We will also be exploring Fairy Tales in English.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Kind regards,

Ms Leanne Borg

Back to School!

Dear Prep B Families,

I hope all the children enjoyed their first week back of Term 4 and most importantly, their final week of remote learning. Thank you and well done to all our little learners and families on what has been a tremendous effort by all!

I am beyond excited to see all the children in person on Monday. This week my focus has been to prepare the children for their return to onsite learning and begin to orientate them to the new school environment and classroom. This will be a continued focus across the school in the coming weeks and term.

We have enjoyed some virtual tours this week of our learning studio and school grounds. I have included some pictures of our room below for families to see.

Also below I have included a roster for ‘Show and Tell’. Throughout term 4, Prep children will be invited to share something from a given topic with their class each week. Please see the timetable below for weekly topics and your child’s allocated day. As we are heading into a very busy term, if your child’s given day falls on a public holiday or student free day they will be able to share on another day that week. Likewise, sometimes unexpected things happen throughout our day at school and we might run out of time. On these occasions, children will also be able to share on another day. A hard copy of this roster will be sent home with Prep B children on Monday. 🙂

Specialist timetables are still being finalised and when these become available to us we will share them with you as soon as possible.

Having been onsite this week preparing our learning space I have been struck by how quiet our Prep building is. Having taught for many years I can appreciate how busy and noisy Prep rooms are meant to be. It is with great excitement that I look forward to Monday when our room is once again filled with learning and exploration!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Kindest regards,

Ms Leanne Borg

Welcome Back!

Hello Prep B families and welcome back to our final term!

This year has certainly been a roller coaster but the Prep children have been troopers and soon we will finally be altogether, learning and exploring!

Below I have included the timetable for Week 1. Please note the amended English and Maths groups. A reminder that Tuesday (6th October), will be an onsite planning and meeting day for all Prep- Two teachers. No Google Meets will be scheduled for that day. Learning will be provided on the Prep Blog as usual.

Kind Regards,

Ms Leanne Borg

End of Wk9

Hello Prep B Families and Parents,

I loved seeing all of your AMAZING animal costumes and toys this morning. It’s been wonderful to see all the Animal posters the children have created on Seesaw! It makes me so proud to see how much each child is learning and improving all the time.

As we approach the final week of term 3, I wanted to say a big thank you to each family. I appreciate all the feedback and conversations I have had with families over the past weeks. 

Thank you to all families for helping your child log into our 1:1 check-ins this week. I’ve enjoyed chatting with each child. Below is the timetable for Week 10, the 1:1 teacher Check-ins will still run next week. Your child has been scheduled for the same time as this week and just a reminder to not log into their meet before scheduled their time. 

Things to note:

  • Friday 18th September is Footy colours day- the children are invited to wear their footy colours to our 9 am meet

I wish you all a blessed weekend.

Take care,

Ms Leanne Borg

Show and Tell

Good Morning Prep B families,

Tomorrow and Friday I am inviting the children to bring something to our 9 am google meet to share with the class for Show and Tell. As our meets are only 20 minutes long half of the class with share on Thursday (tomorrow) and the other half on Friday. This is just optional if your child would like to share something. Below is the day in which your child will be sharing their show and tell.


  • Levi
  • Wiana
  • Christine
  • Kate
  • Christian
  • Ashton
  • Eva
  • Anthony
  • Frank
  • Summer
  • Samuel


  • Payton
  • Caitlyn
  • Adriana
  • Vincent
  • Penelope
  • Mason S
  • Cienna
  • James
  • Mason W
  • Gavin

Thank you for all of your support,

Ms Leanne Borg

End of W8

Dear Prep B families

First of all we need to give our little prep learners a big applaud. Despite all that is going in they have been soldering on everyday and showing resilience. These little heroes really need to be aknowledged.

Secondly to all our families, your all doing a tremendous job. It is definitely hard and at times challenging. Please know that you all deserve to be aknowledged and applauded for all the effort you’re putting in to ensure your child is getting the most out of learning at home.

We hope you all enjoyed your magic school bus week and the children were able to have some fun.

Things to note:

  • Week 9 there will be a 1:1 meet with each child for 30 minutes. Please ensure you have checked the schedule which was posted the other day (also can be found below this post). This can also be found on the weekly timetable which is under the ‘timetables’ tab. Please ensure your child does not enter the meet until their allocated time. This will ensure the child before is not interrupted
  • Friday the 11th of September the children are invited to dress up as their favourite animal. They could also bring a toy if they do not have or want to get dressed up. This is of course optional 🙂

Kind Regards,

Ms Leanne Borg

Check In’s W9

Dear Prep B Families,

During Week 9 (Monday 7th Sept- Friday 11th Sept), Prep teachers will be timetabling half hour “check- ins” with each child in lieu of our Reading and Maths focus groups.

We have tried where possible to timetable these check- ins on the same day as your child’s regular reading group.

Please refer to the timetable below to see your child’s scheduled time slot. 

Check- in code is: prepb

We kindly ask that children do not log into their meet before scheduled their time, so as not to interrupt the check-in of the child prior. 

End of W7 update

Good Afternoon Prep B families,

Thank you for another wonderful week of learning. I hope the students got some joy this week creating their wacky characters, I sure loved seeing them.

The week 8 timetable is now under the ‘timetables’ tab on this blog.

The prep teachers have some very exciting videos and activities for next week so we hope the children enjoy them. The teachers sure have!

Just a reminder if you have done so already please post your child’s answers to these 3 questions on SeeSaw as soon as possible. These are going to be used when we learning about ‘data’ in maths in the coming weeks.

– What is your favourite animal to see at the zoo? (animal name)

– What is your favourite pet? (animal name)

– Do you have a pet? (yes or no)

I hope you enjoy your weekend,

Ms Leanne Borg