Term 4 2021

Monday 25th October

Hi students,

Remember, that being physically active can have many social, emotional and health benefits. That is why we would like you to stay active as much as you can. Try and be active for at least 60 mins a day.

We know we can’t meet face to face at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that your physical activity level should suffer. Actually, you probably have more time on your hands to be more active, play more, and have fun doing it! We also need to get ready for when we return to onsite learning later in a few weeks time. So, if you’re looking for ideas of which activities to do, have a look at the dropdown menu on the top right side of the screen, hover over your grade and select the activity you prefer.

Don’t forget that we are still doing the “Abs of Steel” Plank Challenge. So, click on the link below, have a look and get planking. How long can you hold a plank for at the moment? The plank challenge competition will happen once we all return onsite. This will determine who our “Abs of Steel” medals go to this year.



And remember, Stay Off the Couch! 🙂

Keep smiling!

Hugh Cremona and Robyn Muir