Year 5 Week 6

Hello Everyone,

How are you all going? Hope you’re staying off the couch 🙂 and active as much as possible. Did you enjoy that Fitness Bingo last week? Did you challenge Mum or Dad? Who won?

Have you continued playing hopscotch, elastics & skipping? It’s been great to get videos seeing people’s skills. Check out this week’s video of Miranda, Shayanne & Alivia skipping up a storm! Well done girls! If you want to learn some new tricks try looking at this link –

Please email myself or Mr Cremona a video if you’ve learnt some new skills. We would love to see them.

This week we want you to work on your Ball Handling skills using a tennis ball or similar size ball and challenge yourself in trying to do better at each exercise. Remember, if you practice and persevere, you WILL get better. You just have got to give it time. Try a little bit harder on the ones you can’t do yet and once you master that skill go and show it off to your family. See if they can do it?! 🙂

You can find these Ball Handling skills by following this link: 

Tennis Ball Activities.pdf

If you are in Year P-2, try activities 1 to 9.

If you are in Year 3-4, try activities 1 to 15.

If you are in Year 5-6, try activities 1 to 24.

Keep Smiling.

Mr. Cremona & Ms. Muir